Sunday, 26 May 2013

SFL Body Transformation

My sister Cassandra and I are on a body transformation mission. During the HSC last year and going to Europe on a holiday I put on 8kg. It might not sound like much but for me it is huge! I used to always wear shorts and now as soon as I put a pair on I feel like a sausage. Over the past year I have felt my clothes get tighter and tighter and now I only feel comfortable wearing a loose long sleeve dress. As for my sister, she has just given birth to her second child and is wanting to lose the baby weight.

I dont want you thinking that I have low self confidence or hate my body, because I am the total opposite. I love my body! I love what it can do! And I love my curves! I have embraced the fact that i'm probably never going to be a size 6 and i'm happy with that. I love my body so much that I don't want to abuse it through binge eating and being lazy anymore. I want to treat it to whole foods and exercise.

So Cass and I over the weekend decided to take some before shots. Whilst she was taking a photo of me she murmured 'you're not going to like this one.' Thats what I love about our relationship. We have a no lying, no bullshit friendship. We tell it like it is and that's what makes us so close. We also took our body measurements to keep us on track. We won't be using the scales because they can't tell the weight of our brains and boobs and thats just unfair.

So how will we be transforming our bodies?
Clean eating and exercise! That's the only way to do it. We won't be counting calories, we will be counting nutrients. I'm usually a grazer and an over eater so I want to cut my food intake to 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. But I will listen to my body. If I need more, i'll eat more. If I need less, i'll eat less. I will not be eating past 7pm. I will exercise a minimum of 3x 45 minute workouts a week. I will have one cheat meal a week. Every two weeks my sister and I will be taking more photos and taking our measurements to check our progress.

What do I want to achieve from this?
  • More energy
  • Lower body fat percentage
  • Visibly more muscle tone
  • Run 7km without stopping
  • Decrease cellulite 
  • Clearer skin
  • Increase flexibility

I'll keep you updated with our progress!

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